Bitrix clients and partners talk about their Bitrix24 experience

Jamison K. Bell

OvenPOP 360: A Social Media Agency

Bitrix24 immediately allows a user to access core-critical business processes like secure groups, CRM, and document management intuitively. The product is instantly adoptable to all levels of technical expertise. Mobile and Outlook integration is just fantastic! No other Intranet suites of approachable caliber exist at Bitrix24’s price point right now.

Martin S Njuguna

Digital Vision EA Limited

As I may put it - Bitrix24 is a visionary product that will help businesses improve employee efficiency and collaboration environment. With Bitrix24 companies get an all-in-one tool for running their business in the cloud avoiding any additional product configuration or maintenance costs.

Andrey Stonda


The knowledge base fills a very critical role for our customer-service agents. A huge amount of information can be access to make sure that our customers have the correct and complete information delivered in a way that meets our corporate policies and standards.

Patrick Barry

Sweetwater Media Group

Using Bitrix24, I have automated a multitude of CRM operations for my sales team. We’ve been ready to grow for a while, but we needed a system that allowed us to deliver the same level of quality despite the increased volume.

Elena Aleeva


With the new intranet portal, our employees have an internal resource that covers all of their needs for obtaining detailed information to address client needs and for staying aware of all of the changes going on in our fast-moving internal environment.

Paweł Kochanowski

FTS Capital Group Sp. z o.o.

We were very excited to evaluate Bitrix24. This product is about flexibility, security, and mobility. It may sound crazy, but Bitrix24 actually allows you to manage your whole company through a web browser! You can access Bitrix24 over the Internet regardless of your location using your PC or a mobile device. Cloud technologies are getting highly demanded, indeed.